High Strength Steel with Weldability for Mine Hydraulic Supporter
China is the first country of coal production and consumption in the world. The cost of purchasing hydraulic support accounts for 60% of the purchase cost of a coal mining equipmentequipment. Steel plate weldment account for about 70% of the weight of the hydraulic support.The thickness of steel plates is generally 16mm to 40mm.
Strength-Toughness Matching
Baosteel high strength steel plates for mine machinery with low Carbon content and low Carbon equivalent have good strength and toughness,based on the control rolling and accellerated cooling technology.
Good weldability
Baosteel high strength steel plates for mine machinery(Q550CF、Q690CF、Q890CF)with low susceptibility to welding crack (Pcm≤0.26%) have excellent weldability, such as for Q550CF, welding can be achieved without preheating at 0℃.

Better anti-delayed fracture resistance
Process Principle

Baosteel high strength steel plates for mine machinery taking advantage of fine grain strengthening depending on powerful rolling and accelarated colling system by low carbon and microalloy composition design, have excellent strength and toughness, good weldability, and better anti-delayed fracture resistance。

Research and development process of Baosteel high strength steel for mine machinery machine in 10 years

Development trend of mine hydraulic supporter
Greater mining height Greater resistance Lighter weight.
Industrial Application --- For the production of 8.2m high hydraulic suppter
In 2016, the batch Q890CF was successfully applied to the world's first ZY21000/38/82D shielded hydraulic support, and successfully completed the 30,000-cycle cyclic press test and served in the coal mine.
Drafting Industry Standard--- 《High stength steel plates with good weldability for powered support in coal mine 》