Erosion-corrosion Resistant Steel BMS1400 Used for Dredging Pipes

Erosion-corrosion resistant steel BMS1400 is the first developed by Baosteel for dredging pipes with perfect properties, such as corrosion and abrasion resistance, high strength, excellent formability and weldablity. It is very suitable for complicated working conditions of corrosion and erosion in marine dredging operations, e.g., channel dredging, river silting, land reclamation etc.

BMS1400 is the highest strength steel plate that used for manufacture of dredging pipes with excellent erosion-corrosion resistance in marine dredging operations.

Erosion-corrosion resistance
The service life of BMS1400 under harsh condition as marine sediment dredging is prolonged more than twice than that of the existing material. This significantly reduces the operation and maintenance cost.
BMS1400 steel plate with perfect plasticity and toughness though tensile strength of 1400MPa or more, can be processed to pipe easily. Although the tensile strength of the steel plate exceeds 1400 MPa, BMS1400 steel plate still has good ductility and toughness and can be easily manufactured on existing pipe making equipment. BMS1400 dredging pipes has better ellipticity and flatness.
Excellent weldability
BMS1400 steel plate has good weldability, can satisfy the requirement of no preheating welding. By selecting appropriate welding consumables and process, high quality and high efficient welding of BMS1400 can be achieved.
Application Case
BMS1400 has been in service for a long time under harsh working conditions in the northern sea area, and its wear and corrosion resistance has been fully verified. In 2018, BMS1400 has been successfully applied to the dredging pipeline of the Tiankun and Tianjing vessels in China. It is estimated that the dredged pipe made with BMS1400 can reduce 20-30% of the cost compared with the existing steel, and it can live long and durable, and effectively reduce the consumption of steel, which is a green product of energy saving and environmental protection.