Q&P (Quenched and Partitioning) Steels
Q&P (Quenched and partitioning) steels, can achieve a relatively high elongation of about 20% and 14% at tensile strength of 1000MPa and 1200MPa, respectively. Q&P steels have a higher n value and a fair hole expansion ratio. Q&P steels have the best comprehensive properties in commercialized products of the same type.
Design concept
Along with the increasing demand from the automotive industry for the strength and formability of automotive steels, the second and third generation advanced high-strength steels with superior performance have drawn much attention from steel makers and researchers.
Products features
The microstructure of Q&P steel contains martensite, ferrite and retained austenite. Aided with the ultra-strength of martensite and the TRIP (Transformation introduced plastic deformation ) effect of retained austenite, Q&P steel has a higher n value and elongation.
Outstanding formability

Due to the TRIP effect, QP steel has high strength along with a high elongation and a high n.


QP steel is suitable for automotive safety parts and structural parts with complex shapes.