Advanced High Strength Stainless Steel with Lean Nickel

Future Materials development :low life-cycle cost

20 years life design for new energy bus, and carbon steel with poor corrosion resistance can't meet the long life requirement

Coating needed for carbon steel becaust of corrosion protection but no need to stainless steel : environment friendly

Compared with 304 and 1.4003,BFS600 has twice higher strength ,which will result one third weight reduced :lightweight

N-alloyed stainless steel:low cost &more competitive

High absorbed energy porperty benifits security: Euro V security certification

Electric bus without emission: 16 tons carbon eimmision reduced per year

Low cost Long life Environment friendly

Totall Life-cycle cost design(environment friendly、low cost)

High strength

Good overall performance(high strength、high plasticity 、fatigure resistance)

High absorbed energy

Higher absorbed energy(security benefit)

Compared with high carbon steel and Al alloy,stainless steel has 3 and 1.5 times absorbed energy,which benefits transportation security

Process principle

Strain strengthening of metastable austenite stainless steel promotes low manufacturing cost of high strength stainless steel

Produced by profile rolling producing line with muti-process and high-precision,BFS600 laser welded tube and bended tube with different sizes are sended to BYD company and fitted together as bus frame .
production capacity:




materials:high strength carbon steel,galvanized sheet,stainless steel

high-precision    flexible    muti-products

Can be used for high strength stainless steel rectangular tube welding ,research for cold bending process,and manufacturing

World premiere——BYD bus frame made use of Baosteel high strength stainless steel BFS600

On July 23th 2016, The new energy bus C9C moved form Shenzhen BYD to Germany to attend the Germany Hanover vehicle show in sep 2016

C9C is a newly-developed pure electric tourist bus on the base of C9 type in BYD.As a luxury tourist bus ,C9C will be lauched to the market of EU electric tourist buses.C9C is 12m long and its skeleton is made use of stainless steel BFS600,satisfying the rollover regulation of EU R66 tourist buses and meeting with EU rules,which greatly promote BYD more competitive on the market of electric tourist buses abroad.

The first material order for 19 buses signed on March 27th 2018
In March 2016,BYD made the first electric tourist bus using high strength stainless steel and was widely acclaimed by attending the 2016 Germany Hanover vehicle show .High strength stainless steel body can meet with security requirement of EU highest level.In March 2018,The first order was signed between BYD and Baosteel for pure electric buses to export to America.realizing the commercial manufaturing and application of advanced high strength stainless steel.