World-first Easy-forming Wear-resistant Steel BW300TP
Baosteel’s world-first hot rolled product BW300TP is a new type of high performance easy-forming wear-resistant steel, which has been widely applied in the manufacture of cylinder and blade of concrete mixer truck. BW300TP possesses high wear resistance, good formability and good weldability, which is very suitable for light-weighting design. Since 2013, this product has realized industrial mass production with cumulative amount of over 20,000 tons. Compared with traditional concrete mixer truck, those new types of trucks by using BW300TP can reduce the weight by 25-35%, exhibiting an obvious light-weighting effect.
Wear-resistant and Crash-worthiness
The maximum reduction in thickness is only 0.2mm after four-year-service. The wear resistance is four times higher than that of traditional material. Additionally, the high hardness can significantly increase the impact-resistance when clearing the cylinder by air pick.

BW300TP wear-resistant steel displays a good trade-off between high hardness and formability by special design, which exhibits exceptionally superior properties, such as easy-formability, good weldability, good paintability etc.

Application case

BW300TP has been widely used in the main concrete mixer truck manufactures, such as CIMC, CAMC groups with total amount of exceeding 20,000 tons.

World-first easy-forming wear-resistant steel BW300TP